What you can ask for:

Request that a company sends you a copy of the data they have about you. You can even ask that they send it in a format that you can reuse with other providers!

Ask the company or service to look for the personal data they have about you and remove it from their systems (sometimes called “Right to Erasure” or “Right to be Forgotten”). 

Other Data Rights are available depending on the data privacy regulation.

For instance, an individual in EU is subject to GDPR and can ask that their insurance application be reviewed by a human and not by an algorithm, which is helpful for special cases. 

A California resident can ask that their Personal Information be not sold to third parties without their consent.

Just lace a request to see what privacy rights apply to you.

This service is available to all. Depending on the country you are from, different data regulations provide you with different Data Privacy Rights.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process and let you know what you can do. And even if you country does not have a supportive data privacy regulation in place yet, we can still send the request. Companies care about their image nowadays and are likely to execute.

MyPrivacyPage will contact the company on your behalf to have your request executed, and calling the appropriate regulation to support the claim. Having a trusted third party represent your Personal Data Rights typically accelerates the process.

Besides, it’s 100% free!

*Please note that we are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. Although we will present the request on your behalf with supporting legal documentation, some companies will not be able or willing to fulfill the request. The more the service gets used, the more scrutiny there will be in completing the requests successfully.


Learn more about the regulations we support:

What Are Data Subject Rights And Why Should I Care?

For decades, companies have considered that the data they were storing about you was their property. At first glance, it made sense. After all, why would companies not use all the means at their disposal to maximize the relationship with you and make you a happier customer? 

Well, in the world we live in, more data is created each new year than during the whole existence of the human species. What it means for you is, some of the companies you are using services from probably know more about you than your own parents or spouse! New technologies have also emerged, giving companies more capabilities to recognize patterns in your personal data, such as: spending habits, religious inclination, sexual orientation or even your health information. Concerned with cases of abuse and data breaches happening at massive scale, regulators have decided to take a step forward and change the whole story about data privacy, starting by the beginning: Your personal data is now Your property.

Can A Company Refuse To Fulfill My Request?

First, in order to benefit from data rights, you need to be part of these countries where such data rights apply. Luckily, some companies care about data privacy (such as the ones displayed below) and will be happy to comply even if you are not eligible per say. Some others will not comply, in which case we encourage you to bring the matter to Social Media and talk about it. You can be a change agent too! However, when you do this, be mindful of what you share in order to prevent risks of identity theft.

In some cases, even if you are eligible to GDPR for instance, a comnpany can legally refuse to execute your request. A valid example is, if you have placed a delivery order that hasn’t been delivered yet, then they can decline a request of deleting your personal data on the grounds that your data is needed in order to fulfill their obligations as part of the contract. Similarly, if you took advantage of a one-off promotion, they can decline a request to delete your data on the grounds that you would then be able to enjoy the one-off promotion a second time. Another very simple example is, in case of matters of national security, companies are able to distribute your data to a third party (in this case, the government) without your consent.

This Service Is Free. How Do You Guys Do That?

Great question, thank you for your concern! smile 

The data request form is totally free and will always be. Now that the data regulation has been updated to include privacy rights, we feel that we can contribute by enabling consumers with a third party endorsed and centralized way to submit their requests.

As the saying goes, “if it is free, then you are the product”. In this case, this is not true. We do not and will never sell your data or use it to target you with custom advertising. We also have a BtoB business providing a Saas application to help business who care about privacy manage their data subject requests and respond in time, accordingly to the regulation. Check it out!

"Dear valued @Zappos customer,
We negligently lost your personal data & as a result criminals can now do tons of horrible stuff to you with that information... Here's a 10% coupon off on your next zappos purchase! See you on the darknet!"

Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public https://mashable.com/article/adobe-creative-cloud-accounts-exposed/?europe=true

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Data Privacy Stories

I woke up some day only to realize my identity had been stolen and being used on a bunch of websites to post obscene content. I was able to submit requests to all these sites with MPP and the requests have been handled. What a relief!

David, United States

My cousin was a victim of retaliation by her ex boyfriend who posted adult pictures of her online. I advised her to use this service and she was able to take the content down quickly. Great service, great team!

Ulrike, Germany

After an unfortunate experience, I became proper paranoid about sharing my information online. It is good to see that a third party is here to keep everyone honest and make sure my data is safe.

Hanwei, Singapore

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We would love to hear your experience with privacy issues (whether we helped or not). We will keep it private and it helps improving our services, unless you mention you want to share it, and bring awareness to the cause.

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