Right to Erasure is a struggle for Data Controllers


In fact, the right to erasure might be the most complex part to operationalize!


Most companies are not ready to erase your Personal Data in 2019

The right to erasure and GDPR is a complex matter for Companies but at least they should inform you if they are not able to perform it. As you can imagine the right to erasure is not exactly a walk in the park in a highly connected data world.


Right to be Forgotten / Right to Erasure: what does it mean anyway?

After all, when is personal data erased? Add to that the complexity of today’s data landscape and even emerging data models such as blockchain, for instance. And of course we don’t even have to go that far: for most organizations knowing where the data of their customers and other data subjects is stored is still hard, making erasure de facto, well, close to impossible. Last but certainly not least the duty to, where possible and feasible, communicate erasure to third parties (recipients), has proven to be a headache.


Right to Erasure: Data Controllers should be upfront about their privacy practices

However, as a consumer (aka “data subject”), you have the right to be at least informed about what Companies can or cannot do. Complexity is one thing and consumers can deal with it but transparency is another. If there is no transparency, there is no trust. As a consumer or a citizen, we deserve it!

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